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Hospedium Hotel La Posada de La Luna with three star category is a modern establishment with charm. It is attached to the remains of the Arab wall that surrounded the city of Huesca, built in the ninth century. The wall was extensive and had 100 watchtowers, of which only the Torreón del Amparo remains today.

From the hotel you can walk to the Cathedral and the city center, which are 400 meters from the hotel, making a visit to the city of Huesca very pleasant.

The Hotel La Posada de la Luna is an allegory of ancient man's vision of the universe. The hotel is full of little nods to the Pythagorean doctrine of the "harmony of the spheres", the quintessence of beauty in the explanation of the cosmos, where arithmetical and musical proportions are extrapolated to the entire universe. According to them, the eight known celestial bodies emitted the eight musical notes, which have their correspondence in the eight rooms of the hotel.

Our history

The establishment was designed by Vicente García Plana in 2004, the main façade has been repainted to show the original brickwork of the old building. The balconies with iron railings twisted with stones from the Ara river stand out, on the lower part they show hand-painted polychrome wood engravings inspired by medieval engravings, as well as on the eaves of the roof.

On the floor there are small hydraulic tile mosaics recovered from the old building. They were manufactured in the city of Huesca sometime in the 1930s.

Lost in the hotel is a poem that the Benedictine monk Guido D'arezzo dedicated to Saint John the Baptist in which the first syllable of each of its verses gives the name to each note of the musical scale we know today.



Our facilities have a hall where breakfast is served for our guests, private parking is available on request and free wifi service throughout the hotel. The hotel can be reached directly from Joaquín Costa street itself, which has a paid time zone, with free parking nearby.

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Huesca: tourist interest

Huesca is a dynamic and modern city, located in the center of one of the provinces with the greatest natural and scenic wealth. It is located on the border between two large natural units, the Ebro Valley, to which Huesca belongs, and the Pyrenees.
The capital, well connected to the rest of the national territory by highway, roads in perfect condition and by high-speed and commuter rail. Its urban configuration and short distances allow you to walk and enjoy its streets, parks, squares and its historic center.
In addition, Huesca bets every year for a luxury cultural program: from the Film Festival, which anticipates in June the festivities of the patron saint of the city, San Lorenzo, which are in August; to the hottest autumn, with the avant-garde Festival Periferias and the Theater Fair; among many other innovative activities that arise every year. Those who visit Huesca come back. It is well known that its lands, with hospitality and nobility, captivate the traveler. Visit the city and let yourself be captivated.
Huesca Cathedral
This beautiful Gothic cathedral, built between the 13th and 16th centuries, is one of the main symbols of the city. It is located on the highest point of the hill on which the primitive city of Huesca was settled. The top of the tower of the cathedral has the best viewpoint, being at the highest point of the city. It is one of the monuments essential to visit.
Miguel Servet Park
It's the green lung of the city. It's a natural space located in the center of the capital where you can contemplate a variety of flora and fauna along with a wide range of sculptures scattered throughout the different walks of the enclosure. It has more than eighty different tree species, which coexist with shrub and aquatic species in the ponds.
Museum of Huesca
Part of the artistic heritage of the capital of Huesca is preserved in this museum. It occupies a fragment of the old palace of the Kings of Aragon, a chapel and the room where the episode of the bell of Huesca is located. It has two sections: Archaeology and Fine Arts, and summarizes the history of the province of Huesca from Prehistory to the twentieth century.
Olympia Theater
The Olympia Theater is an icon of the city with its six Greek columns and attractive facade. Today, the theater offers programming in all cultural fields: dance, theater, ballet, cinema...
There are many places to visit around Huesca that are spectacular. For example, the reservoir of Búbal, the submerged village of Mediano, the waterfall of Sorrosal, the castle of Loarre or the Pyrenees for those more adventurous.
Other places of interest
In addition to the places already mentioned there are many others such as the town hall, the Casino of Huesca, the convent of San Miguel, the monastery of San Pedro el Viejo... that are fundamental to the city. Certainly, there are numerous interesting places to visit and enjoy.